Range Rules

General Rules & Procedures for Public Ranges:

All non-members must:

  • Check in at the Range House and sign a Waiver, whether or not they are shooting.
  • Eye & ear protection are required for every person on a firing line or under cover behind a firing line, whether or not they are shooting.
  • Free foam ear plugs and inexpensive shooting glasses are available at the Range House.
  • Ranges are not open unless one or more Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are present.
  • RSOs (wearing yellow or orange safety vests) are the sole authority on the range.
  • Every shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult – AND:
    • Show their DNR Firearm Safety (FAS) certificate (wallet-sized orange card) – OR
    • Show the FAS endorsement on their driver’s license – OR
    • Show a current, valid hunting license

Firearms & Casing

  • All firearms must be cased unless on the firing line
  • Firearms may be uncased only when the firing line is Hot.

Holstered Carry is allowed with Valid Permit To Carry document.

  • A holster is considered a case – do not unholster or otherwise handle your gun until you are on the firing line, and the RSO has called the line Hot.
  • Drawing from a holster is not allowed at any time

Range Commands & Protocol

The Line Is Hot – It is permitted to handle magazines, clips and ammunition and to shoot firearms.

Cease Fire / Stop – Stop shooting Immediately and wait for further instructions.

Line Safe – Unload and bench your firearm. Open the Action, step away and stand behind the yellow line.

The Line Is Safe – You can now check, change and/or remove your targets.


  • There is absolutely no handling of any firearm while the Line Is Safe.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed
    • Individuals found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs – including prescription drugs that may alter your mental state – will be asked to leave immediately

Oakdale Gun Club reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or group, for any reason.