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NRA Bullseye

What Is Bullseye Pistol?

Bullseye is the classic precision pistol sport.  In fact, the NRA now calls the sport Precision Pistol. Shooters fire at stationary paper targets.

The target distance is 25 and 50 yards, shooting one-handed, standing in the classic “dueling” posture.

Please come and join us at our clinic, at any Wednesday afternoon practice or at one of our matches.

Description of a Competition:

The basic Bullseye competition is one-third “Slow Fire” – fired 10 shots in ten minutes at 50 yards.

The second third, “Timed Fire”, are shots fired in 2 five shot strings at 25 yards, each string completed in 20 seconds.

The final third called “Rapid Fire”, are also fired at 25 yards in two five shot strings. Each Rapid Fire string is completed in ten seconds.

A complete match consists of 270 shots fired at Bullseye, 10-ring targets, with the best possible score being 2700. That score, 2700, has never been achieved.

A match is traditionally fired using three pistols – .22 rimfire, a centerfire and 45 caliber handguns. A match consists of three stages of 90 shots each, One stage is fired for each pistol type – 22, centerfire and 45 caliber. Originally it was thought that the 22 was the civilian pistol of choice. The centerfire, usually a .38 revolver, was the handgun of police. The 45 ACP was the choice of military shooters. Today, most shooters fire a 22 pistol and use a 45 pistol for both the centerfire and 45 stages of a match. There are still three stages, but a 45 is also uses centerfire cartridge.

Targets are mounted on turning stands so they turn to be visible to all shooters for only the specific time limits: 10 minutes for Slow Fire, 20 seconds for Timed Fire and 10 seconds for Rapid Fire.

Bullseye at Oakdale:

In order to foster camaraderie and to improve our shooting, the Competition Range is reserved on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00 to close, throughout our season for practice.

The point of our practice is shooting matches. The club hosts a half dozen or so matches each year, including an NRA Regional competition and the Minnesota Outdoor State Championship. Oakdale also conducts a Bullseye Pistol Clinic covering the basics of our sport. See the club calendar for the current year’s dates. Additionally, match dates, match programs and match results are posted on the Minnesota and Rifle Revolver Association website. Use the “Multi Discipline Schedule” button at

The best way to start and learn this sport is with a 22 pistol. A very accurate 22 can be bought for less than $500. That pistol can be used for the 22 stage of a match. Also, shooters can usually shoot all match stages with the 22 until they are ready to try the larger caliber pistols.