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Welcome to the Oakdale Gun Club

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

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8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm

Pre-registered, $25 per match. At the range, $35 per match.

Win Cash, Prizes and New Guns


  • Jim Finch
  • 651-303-0331

Glock Match

Annual Northern Lakes Regional Classic GSSF Match Oakdale Gun Club and The Glock
Shooting Sports Foundation are
Proud to Co-Sponsor Two Days of Fun,
Fire-Power and Friendly Competition!

ONLY GLOCK pistols are allowed for this competition.  No other pistol brands are allowed.

Who: Any and all GLOCK pistol owners! Beginners are welcome; with several classes of competition and Lewis scoring rules, you compete only against shooters at your own skill level!

Fees: Pre-registered, $25 per match. At the range, $35 per match. You can compete in more than one match, class or category

What else? This is a factory-sponsored event. Meet the GLOCK representatives, learn what is new, and get the latest gear and advice for getting the most out of your GLOCK handgun! A GLOCK Armorer will be at the match to check your pistol for the latest upgrades, at no charge!

Some extra notes: This is a two-day event, but you need not be present for the entire match to win. The time it takes to compete depends on how many matches, classes or categories in which you choose to compete, and you can compete on either or both days. This is not an IPSC match. Most GSSF classes require you to use a stock gun – no exotic sights, special holsters, or expensive “race gun” modifications are needed.