Starting Wens 10/21 we will be open for Public Shooting 7 DAYS A WEEK: 8am-4pm! 25yd-50yd-100yd-200m & Trap / Range Pass $22.00 per person gives you access to all 4 ranges, unlimited time until 4:00pm. Trap: $8.00 per round (25 birds) does not include ammo. Shooting benches sanitized after each shooter/FACE-MASKS REQUIRED IN CHECK-IN BUILDING and recommended on outdoor shooting ranges/6ft social distancing strongly enforced. Reminder: anyone under 18yrs must show proof they've completed DNR FAS and be accompanied by an adult.

Become a Member

Oakdale Gun Club has a membership base of 1500. After the yearly membership renewals, invitations to fill open member positions may be extended to those on the waiting list. If you are interested in becoming a member, you may email with the subject line “Application for Membership”. Members of Oakdale Gun Club are required to be active NRA members and are required to perform eighteen (18) hours of range duty or service hours each year to maintain membership.

To Join the waiting list today, please email with the subject line “Application for Membership”.