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Welcome to the Oakdale Gun Club

Cast Bullet Benchrest

Matches are held from 12:00 pm (noon) until 6:00 pm.

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Cast Bullet Benchrest

Traditional bench rest matches are shot using jacketed bullets. However, at OGC the matches are shot using only cast lead bullets. These bullets are often made by the shooter but it is also permissible to buy commercial cast bullets and use them in the match. These are lower velocity loads, are kinder to the gun and easy on the shooter (less recoil).

There are several gun categories available. This means almost every potential shooter will probably own at least one gun that is qualified for use in the match. These categories include Hunter Production, Heavy, Unrestricted, Long Range Handgun, Plain Base Bullet (no gas check on the base of the bullet) and (3) Military surplus rifle categories. There are weight limits for each category along with some other equipment rules that can be found on the CBA website: Cast Bullet Association Website.

  • A post-match bulletin is sent to each shooter where the group sizes, scores and equipment/loads are listed for each shooter
  • Shooters must be a member of the CBA (Cast Bullet Assn.) to participate. This does require annual dues and has the benefit of receiving a bi-monthly publication from the CBA where there are many cast bullet technical articles as well as the match results and load data from all across the US are displayed, including the OGC results. All individual shooter data is shown, not just the “winners”.

This is a shooting experience and a social experience for many of our shooters.