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Welcome to the Oakdale Gun Club


The Competition Range was designed to host NRA Bullseye and Olympic Free Pistol shooting competitions. It features a fully covered firing line, with a 25-yard target area on the eastern half of the range, and a 50-yard target area on the western half. The 50-yard target area also features turning target holders for use during these competitions.

Trap Range

Oakdale Gun Club features an ATA regulation trap range with 16- through 27-yard shooting stations, an electric trap machine for competition and serious practice, and manual trap machines for training and light practice.

25-yard Range

Our 25-yard range is a 90% covered (from the firing line to just before the target stands), “no blue sky” range, ideally suited for handguns, small bore rifle (little to no wind), or for rifle and shotgun (slug) shooters looking to get their firearms “on the paper” prior to heading over to our longer ranges.

50-Yard Range

Our 50-yard range features a fully covered firing line (the rest of the range is uncovered) with 10 firing points, well suited for all types of firearms.

100-yard Range

This is by far our most popular range. It features a fully covered firing line with 30 firing points, including one made of concrete on the far eastern end of the line – for those bench rest shooters who demand the most stable of platforms. This range was completely remodeled Summer 2013 and now contains overhead baffles.

200-Yard Range

This is our longest range. It features a fully covered firing line, with 4 concrete firing points. There are bicycles stored there during the nicer weather to help speed up your target changes.