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Denis LaCroix

Events are held on two Wednesdays per month from May through September from 5 pm to close.


About the 3 Position Rifle Event

  • Rifle competition takes place on the 50-yard range.
  • Any rifle, any sights, any ammunition, centerfire or .22 rimfire.
  • Reduced velocity (recoil) loads are recommended.
  • Target scores are your basis for long term improvement in the three shooting positions.
  • All shooting uses a distance of 50-yards at paper targets with scoring rings.
  • The course of fire includes rapid fire for sitting and standing, in two consecutive 5-shot strings, each string during 30-seconds, with one reload between the two strings.
  • There is also (10) shots each, slow fire, in sitting, kneeling and standing positions.
  • Time is allowed to sight-in your rifle before shooting targets for score.
  • Bring (60) rounds with you.