We are now CLOSED FOR PUBLIC SHOOTING (members only) Thank-You for another safe and successful season. Please stay healthy and safe! Hope to see you again in summer of 2021!

Range Rules

General Rules & Procedures:

  • All members of the public must check in at the front desk
  • Waivers must be signed by every non-member on site, whether or not they are shooting
  • Eye & ear protection are required for every person on a firing line or under cover behind a firing line, whether or not they are shooting
  • Free foam ear plugs and inexpensive shooting glasses are available at the Range House
  • Ranges are not open unless one or more
  • Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are present RSOs (wearing yellow or orange safety vests) are the sole authority on the range when present
  • Every shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult – AND:
    • Have & show their DNR Firearm Safety (FAS) certificate (wallet-sized orange card) – OR
    • Have & show the FAS endorsement on their driver’s license – OR
    • Have & show a current, valid hunting license

Firearms & Casing

  • Firearms & Casing All firearms must be cased unless on the firing line
  • Firearms may be uncased only when the firing line is hot

Handgun carry is allowed with a valid Permit to Carry

  • If carrying, you may be asked by an RSO to show your Permit to Carry
  • A holster is considered a case – do not unholster or otherwise handle your carry gun until you are on the firing line, and the RSO has called the line hot
  • Drawing from a holster is not allowed at any time

Range Commands & Protocol

The Line is Hot – it is OK to handle magazines / clips & ammunition, and to shoot firearms

Cease Fire / Stop – stop shooting immediately & await further instructions Make the

Line Safe – unload & bench your firearm, open the action, step & stay behind the yellow line

The Line is Safe – Check, change or remove your targets

There is to be absolutely no handling of any firearm, magazine or ammunition while the line is safe

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed

Individuals found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs – including prescription drugs that may alter your mental state – will be asked to leave immediately

Oakdale Gun Club reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or group, for any reason