We are now open for Public Shooting on weekends 8am-4pm! 25yd-50yd-100yd-200m & Trap / Range Pass $22.00 per person gives you access to all 4 ranges, unlimited time until 4:00pm. Trap: $8.00 per round (25 birds) does not include ammo. Shooting benches sanitized after each shooter/FACE-MASKS REQUIRED IN CHECK-IN BUILDING/masks recommended, not required on outdoor shooting ranges/6ft social distancing strongly enforced.

Public Hours

Deer Season Sight-In Hours

Beginning September 26th, Oakdale Gun Club will be open to the public daily, from 8am – 4pm, through November 18th In addition, members of the public are welcome to participate in any of the events listed under the Competition link, as well as our Wednesday “Novice Trap” nights and the Thursday Trap Shooting league. We look forward to seeing you out at the range!

Classes & Training open to the public at Oakdale Gun Club


Yearly membership renewal after the first year of membership is $125.00/per year

  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must be able to legally own a firearm
  • 2 Days of Range Duty (18 hours) – 18 Service Hours required per year
  • Hold a Current NRA membership
We invite based on date registered and Eligibility. We will notify you via email by March 1st if you have been accepted for the year or not.


Oakdale Gun Club has a membership base of 1500. After the yearly membership renewals, invitations to fill open member positions may be extended to those on the waiting list. If you are interested in becoming a member, you may sign up on the waiting list link below. The membership wait list may be up to two or three years. Members of Oakdale Gun Club are required to be active NRA members and are required to perform eighteen (18) hours of range duty or service hours each year to maintain membership.

Events and Activities open for the public to participate in