Starting Wens 10/21 we will be open for Public Shooting 7 DAYS A WEEK: 8am-4pm! 25yd-50yd-100yd-200m & Trap / Range Pass $22.00 per person gives you access to all 4 ranges, unlimited time until 4:00pm. Trap: $8.00 per round (25 birds) does not include ammo. Shooting benches sanitized after each shooter/FACE-MASKS REQUIRED IN CHECK-IN BUILDING and recommended on outdoor shooting ranges/6ft social distancing strongly enforced. Reminder: anyone under 18yrs must show proof they've completed DNR FAS and be accompanied by an adult.

Black Powder Shooting

Oakdale Gun Club welcomes all black powder enthusiasts, including black powder cartridge, modern (“in-line”) muzzle-loader, and traditional muzzle-loading shooters. Black powder shooters are treated the same as all other shooters and are charged the same rates.

However, please be advised that not all of our Range Officers are familiar with the safe operation of all varieties of black powder firearms. When you check in at the Range House, please let the Lead Range Safety Officer know that you will be using a black powder firearm, and he or she will make sure you are working with a Range Officer who is familiar with your type of firearm.

Also, be advised that Oakdale Gun Club considers a muzzle-loading firearm to be loaded any time there is a powder charge in the barrel, not just when a primer, percussion cap, or priming charge is in place. In this respect, our rules are stricter than MN state law, and we require all muzzle-loading shooters to respect this rule when the firing line is safe.

Finally, for the safety of yourself and everyone around you, we ask that you do not smoke while handling black powder.