We are now open for Public Shooting on: Friday-Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm! 25yd-50yd-100yd-200m & Trap / Range Pass $22.00 per person gives you access to all 4 ranges, unlimited time until 4:00pm. Trap: $8.00 per round (25 birds) does not include ammo. Shooting benches sanitized after each shooter/FACE-MASKS REQUIRED IN CHECK-IN BUILDING and recommended on outdoor shooting ranges/6ft social distancing strongly enforced.

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Practical Pistol

Matches are held each Thursday evening, from May 5th through August 4th, beginning at 5pm, with an all day regional match on Saturday, August 13th. See Calendar for exact dates.

All matches are open to both members & non-members.

Fees are as follows:

Match fees are $15 per shooter, with registration between 5-5:30 pm

The following discounts are available for both members & non-members:

  • Under 21 – $5 off
  • 65 or older – $5 off
  • Help set up – $5 off (show up no later than 4pm!)
  • Help clean up – $5 off (takes about 1/2 hour)
  • No one shoots for less than $5

All discounts must be taken when you register 

For more information, contact the Match Director, Tim Warner.

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