We are now open for Public Shooting on weekends 8am-4pm! 25yd-50yd-100yd-200m & Trap / Range Pass $22.00 per person gives you access to all 4 ranges, unlimited time until 4:00pm. Trap: $8.00 per round (25 birds) does not include ammo. Shooting benches sanitized after each shooter/FACE-MASKS REQUIRED IN CHECK-IN BUILDING/masks recommended, not required on outdoor shooting ranges/6ft social distancing strongly enforced.

New Website

Welcome to the newly updated Oakdale Gun Club Website. We have been working hard to create an easy to use, functional tool for the OGC community and it’s members that can grow with us into the future.  Here are a few highlights and notes while we are making this transition.

The new website has been moved onto OakdaleGunClub.org and we are working to test it from end to end.  Once the new website is approved OGC members will receive an email from the website with a link to login to the new website.  Members once logged in can secure service hours, view members only content, and edit/customize your profile on the new website. We expect this all to be done very quickly, if you have any questions feel free to submit the form below. Otherwise we will continue to work hard to get you credentials to the new website.  Have a great day!

Attn OGC members. Your new login username will be your email address on file. If you did not receive the new welcome message from the website you can enter your email address and “Forgot Password” to retrieve a temp password.

New Website Deployment
Questions, comments, or concerns